Pod save us!

Pod save us!

Before I begin, apologies for the terrible title (and acknowledgements to the team at Crooked Media who run the “Pod Save America” podcast, but more of that later!).  Anyway, it’s coming up to the summer season [hurrah!], the election will soon be over [phew!] and Brexit negotiations can begin in earnest [eeek!].  At the very least summer means lighter evenings (and mornings!), a few weeks of annual leave and hopefully a bit of time to take stock for us all. In amongst it you might even have some time to yourself… which is where the podcasts come in!

For those of you already enjoying the range of podcasts available out there, please treat this as another of those ‘clickbait’ articles that we all know and love – ignore this next bit and just go straight to the list and see what you think of my suggestions…

For those of you yet to fill your smartphone/media device with these gems, then I think you’re in for a treat!  Such a simple premise – essentially talk programs in digital format, direct to your device, for free, for as long as you want them covering pretty much anything and everything in true 4th IR fashion. I won’t go into the technicalities of downloading  – it’s very straight forward and if in doubt, any random teenager can usually set you off.  Why not try a couple that sound familiar, and then see where the list takes you…

Business/News podcasts:-


A bit of America:-

Just for fun:-

And as a final thought – S-Town*** (by the same team who produce This American Life) – more of a story in seven chapters.  Look forward to hearing any feedback on the list/other suggestions!

(*** language can get a bit NSFW)


Patrick Gatenby